Sylvan Collection

When nature takes over, there is only beauty that remains

As seen in

Unique hand crafted home décor pieces. Take home a part of history in your living room, and help us preserve these lost art forms of India.

Bring home a bit of India.

Ganpati Nesting Dolls Set of 4 with Stand Halloween Family Pup Family Halloween Scary Bob Family Subramanyam Family

Whimsical and exciting

Nesting Dolls

Also known as Matryoshka dolls, are a set of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside another. Check out our take on this traditional art and Gift your loved ones to give them a hearty surprise!

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Limited Edition Artwork

Some Artwork we don't do in bulk. Made with special care and exclusive artwork that you can call ONE OF A KIND!

Limited Edition


The best kitchenware out there and surely the most stylish. Being a chef, they are a perfect edition to my own home!

Pallavi Verma

 Gifted to my mother and she was completely spellbound on how cute these dolls are. 

Gurpreet Singh

Yay! Cant wait to put them in my daughters nursery. Loved the finish and opening the dolls was a great surprise.

Neha Bajaj

Light 'em up

Festive Special Collection

Spooky Halloween!

A boo basket must have

Sylvan Serve ware

Inspired from Nature