Making A Photo Into A Doll - Step By Step Guide

Making A Photo Into A Doll - Step By Step Guide

We transform your loved one's photo into a hand painted and hand made personalised dolls where we make sure that they are good enough to be displayed in the living room or bedroom or even at office desk. We use high quality materials to ensure that the photo is kept intact while giving the doll a lifelike look. We also include all accessories such as clothes, shoes and head pieces. With over 2 and half years` experience in the field of doll making, we have created unique dolls for our clients who are obsessed with everything beautiful about their family members and friends.

This is a step by step guide to creating your very own caricature doll. If you're looking for the closest thing to owning a photorealistic doll then this is your reference guide.

How do you do it?


01: Send us photos of the member/s you would like turned into a doll.


02: We will then appoint an artist for you and analyse the pictures and details if everything is good to go. The artist then starts the hand painting and transform and personalise your doll.


03: You will receive a digital preview over Whatsapp (if requested) once the personalisation process is complete. You can then give us feedback on the preview and we will make edits if necessary.



04: Select your most preferred mode of shipping based on the day you're willing to receive your personalised order and complete purchase. 


05: Once you are fully happy, we send out your most special gift along with a printed photograph, a care instruction card and your Artist card to ensure that you know who has personalised your family/photo

Creating a personalised doll from your photo is a unique and special way to celebrate your loved ones. Our step-by-step guide ensures that the process is easy, and you receive a high-quality product that will be treasured for years to come. Let us help you create a lasting memory of your family and friends.

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