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1. Upload your favourite group/solo/both photos. More the better

2. Leave a note at checkout for artists to specify unique characteristics/features

For assistance Whatsapp us at +91 9872252197

  • Bhavika Shroff

    Matryoshka dolls...i must admit that i haven't received a gift from anyone until the above was received sent by you guys. Touched my heart. It is brilliant for its thought, it is unique as an idea, it is beautiful to kept right at the entrance, so that everyone can admire, it is thoughtful for it gives immense joy.....thank you

  • Dhanya Cuddapah

    A very memorable and unique gift. Couldn't ask for better anniversary gift ❤️ I had gifted the same to my parents on their wedding anniversary, and now receiving it on my wedding anniversary makes it feel so special.

  • Smitha

    "Kudos to you and your team
    The couple loved the dolls! Thank you so much!
    Loved the intricate details on them. The dolls are beautiful. ♥️
    Can't wait to shop more from you folks :)
    Good luck!

  • Laxmi Magdum

    "Thank you so much.
    It's just perfect🤌🏻😍🫠🥳✨🥲🥹"

  • Gayathri B Naik

    "Received it on time and everyone liked it at home."

  • Pooja Chawdary

    "Its too good! I loved it."

  • Narayani Dixit

    "My kids and I loved the dolls <3
    tagged you guys insta too."

  • Ashwini

  • Smita

    One of the best gifts, I've ever bought! It is surely a special one. Thank you so much for crafting it so beautifully.

  • Antara

    This is sooo cute! Thank you so much for such a detailed work. It actually turned out beyond my expectations.
    Thanks to the artist for capturing it so beautifully.

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Bulk/Corporate Orders

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of photo do you need?

We do not have any set specifications for the photos except the basics like it should not be blurred and the face should be clear in the photo. You can upload upto 5-6 photos at a time, it can be solo/group or both of the members you want us to personalise.

While choosing the photos for personalisation, you may select them based on the outfits, occasion or your favorite memory with/of the family. :)

Will my photos be safe?

As per our terms of usage of your family pictures, we only use them for our acknowledgement campaigns. This helps all our new customers to understand the concept better.

If you do not want us to use the pictures, you may highlight the same in the notes section itself. Our team will keep a note and will not use your photos in any promotional campaigns. Your family photos will be deleted from our record after 10 days of your order fulfilment.

How do I care for my family doll?

The wood is well treated and hand painted following our extensive and well-researched process. Follow our simple care instructions & keep your dolls secure for years.

- Clean the dolls easily with a soft cloth to wipe off the dust on regular Intervals.

- Keep them away from Water and direct Sunlight

- Keep away from sharp objects

- Place them at your interiors.

Is there a size chart for Dolls?

Yes, a size chart of all the nesting dolls is available. You can find it in the image gallery of every product option

Can I customise dolls with additional elements, may not be available in photos?

Yes, you can surely add extra elements/accessories to your personalisation like a cap, sunglasses, change color of the outfits, add personalised prints to the outfit, a person can be holding a bouquet/mike/cat etc. Talk to our ColoredRims guide on Whatsapp for more assistance.

Can you write names on the dolls?

Yes, we can add names at the bottom-front side or at the back of the doll. Simply share the names in the notes section.

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