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Make your own Personalised Souvenir Dolls with our exclusive hand painted customisations. 
The dolls in sets come in same size and personalised according to your picture as shared. Artists at Colored Rims work meticulously and try to capture every little details in your personalisation. Our signature Googly eyes (rounded big eyes) brings a perfect caricature effect to your transformation. 

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Let's create you and your loved ones into Personalised Group Dolls.

Are you looking for a heart warming gift for special someone? Now make your own personalised dolls with hand painted caricatured portraits. A perfect gift set that goes from couples to friends to colleagues to bike gangs, kitty ladies, bands, you name it, we make it. Simply follow the steps below and delight your friends and family with our custom-made dolls. 

*You feed a meal to a family in need when you purchase*


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Happy Customers

Personalised over 1000+ families and counting.

ENDLESS GRATITUDE # 73: THE SERENDIPITY OF SOCIAL MEDIA ADS : Most of us are not fond of the innumerable ads we get online these days. The AI makes them relevant and yet irritating . On a good day, I try to see magic in those random suggestions and that how I discovered @coloredrims . Instantly I ordered this version of my family portrait- wooden hand painted dolls - they arrived last week and what joy! I am grateful to the Universe for introducing me to the lovely team at coloured rims and for the cuteness of my dolls ! #ilovemyfamily

Pooja Nair
"Impossible to top this wedding gift! Sooo adorable."

Thank u so so much I just received my order…. It was really an awestruck moment …. Such minute things also u plp hv observed nd hv done it …. I was amazed looking at the difference shades of neck chains in both , watches , hand band , eyebrows…. This is what it’s called an interest in art wit amazing artists….take a bow ….🙏🏻😍🤗

Varshinee ln
"Thank you so much! It was a really emotional moment for all of us."

Amrita Singh
Anniversary gift for mumma and papa... Wishing you good health and a long long long long life full of happiness always. Touchwood. Presenting Jaggi family.. thank you ColoredRims

Shrishti Kapoor
"It's a lovely b'day gift. Thank you!"

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