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Nativity Crib Nesting Dolls - Set of 6

Nativity Crib Nesting Dolls - Set of 6

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Nativity crib sets are unique depiction of birth scene of Lord Jesus which is one of the most recognisable symbols of the Christmas season. This hand painted Nativity Dolls set of 6 figurines includes Baby Jesus, Saint Joseph, Mother Mary, Star Angel, a Sheep and a donkey. Hand crafted from quality wood, these dolls sit easily inside on another showcasing the chain of members present at the birth place of Jesus and capture the true meaning of Christmas for young and old.

CRAFT: Hand crafted by Indian Artisans and hand painted by young artists of India

SIZE: Height 
Doll 1 - 17cm, Doll 2 - 14cm, Dolls 3 - 11cm, Doll 4 - 8cm, Doll 5 - 5.5cm, Doll 6 - 4.5cm 


CARE: Use a soft cloth to clean. Wipe dry. | Avoid dragging sharp or rough objects across the hand painted surface.

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