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Colored Rims

Ramayana Dolls Set of 4

Ramayana Dolls Set of 4

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This is more than a set of dolls; it's a masterpiece of devotion and love. Created by Artists, they meticulously bring to life Lord Rama, Goddess Sita with Lakshmana, and Lord Hanuman in intricate detail.
Each stroke of paint, each lovingly crafted feature, tells a story of faith and family.

Please note - This nesting doll set is not intended for play. Use them for decorative or gifting purposes only and should be treated as work of art. As with all handcrafted products, there will be slight variations in colour and/or detail, making each piece special and unique.

CRAFT: Hand crafted by Indian Artisans and hand painted with Lord Ganesha and his favourites.

Height Doll 1 - 17cm, Doll 2 - 14cm, Doll 3 - 11cm, Doll 4 - 8cm 
Diameter Doll 1 - 6cm, Doll 2 - 5cm, Doll 3 - 4cm, Doll 4 - 3cm 



CARE: Use a slightly damp cloth to clean. Wipe dry. | Avoid dragging sharp or rough objects across the hand painted surface.

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